PARIS - “So I said to myself: if we add a little poetry to design, it can come close to art.”

This, in a nutshell, is how Gaetano Pesce – the subject of a special selling exhibition at Sotheby’s Paris in February – defines his role as a designer: not just as a conceiver of objects, but above all, as a poet of everyday life. He is a sorcerer’s apprentice who loves playing with and breathing new life into all kinds of materials, from the mundane to the wildly improbable.

Gaetano Pesce. Courtesy of Gaetano Pesce's office.

For over 30 years this Italian designer has been experimenting with and researching objects, rerouting them from their original purpose and riding roughshod over the material constraints and diktats of taste that can put a damper on creativity. For instance, he enjoys heating glass bottles, welding the fragments together and – presto! – there is a delicate glass mosaic with the outline of a face. His creations can be airy or massive – like his imposing desk made from superimposed wooden slats solidified with resin. He stops at nothing in his drive to experiment with new modes of creation – witness his Dalila armchair with its exuberant curves in moulded polyurethane. Construction/de-construction: by capturing the transitory nature of materials and celebrating their perpetual transformation, Gaetano Pesce assembles unique items, some fragile, some incongruous, but all with sublime aesthetic appeal. He is insatiably curious and constantly transcending reality – bringing a new dimension to the field of design.

To the delight of Design collectors and connoisseurs, a number of his unique works are en route to Paris, where they will be unveiled at an exceptional selling exhibition this February at Sotheby’s held in association with B&B Italia.

Follow the exhibition at #GaetanoPesceSothebysFr