PARIS - The work of Gaetano Pesce is the ultimate benchmark in the world of design. The proof? His works can be found in the world’s leading museums. The Italian designer has acquired international fame by creating a unique, multifaceted oeuvre imbued with undeniable visual and social impact. Apart from his visionary approach to materials, he gives life to objects that then make declarations and pose questions of a philosophical nature. He believes design should be challenging, and should promote a dialogue between creator and observer, just like art does. 

Gaetano Pesce’s UP5 and UP6, Donna armchairs, designed in 1969.

The UP5 and UP6, Donna armchairs, first designed in 1969, and presented at this exhibition by their Italian editor B&B Italia in a rare, wooden ‘monumental sculpture’ version, perfectly reflect this approach. This is Pesce’s political object par excellence, an iconic piece produced in multiple versions over the years. With its voluptuous, outrageously feminine curves it resembles a prehistoric female fertility figure. But the curious adjacent large ball symbolises captivity. The object thus becomes a metaphor and, with gentle humour, conveys the burden of the female condition. Gaetano Pesce has a highly individual way of evoking serious issues with flair and lightness.


Gaetano Pesce Selling Exhibition
Sotheby’s Paris

Basia Embiricos - Curator

5–15 February 2014, 10am–6pm
(Not open Sunday, February 9)