BRUSSELS - In his book, Private Spaces for Contemporary Art, Peter Doroshenko invites us to discover some 50 private collections in different countries. An influential figure in contemporary art, Doroshenko’s rich background includes being a curator of public institutions (SMAK in Ghent, the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle-upon-Tyne) and an art advisor to private collectors like Mark Van Moerkerke (Belgium) and Victor Pinchuk (Ukraine), which is only to mention the most recognizable names.

Peter Doroshenko, Private Spaces for Contemporary Art
(; €50)

He is currently the director of Dallas Contemporary in Texas. This experience has allowed him to take note of a genuine transformation in the contemporary scene these last fifteen years, with more and more private spaces opening up to the public. Their existence relies solely on the will of a collector. Through the superb photographs presenting the collections and architecture of these spaces, the author reveals the extraordinary character of these passionate collectors of contemporary art. In his interviews with them, Doroshenko attempts to define their motivation, passion, and maybe also their ego. And he opens the debate: do these private initiatives offer greater artistic freedom than a public institution? A must read.