PARIS -A highly personal exhibition of some 40 works by the Modernist painter Serge Poliakoff opens at Sotheby’s Paris from 24th to 27th April. The artist’s granddaughter  Marie-Victoire Poliakoff, who curated the show, recently wrote a book about the artist, which shared the same impetus as this exhibition: “I will talk about my grandfather by relating his story, like a film, with images, colours, fragrances, feelings and emotions. I will tell you about his adventures, sorrows, hopes, dreams, happiness and success, to understand Serge Poliakoff, the man, artist, grandfather, father, son, brother, husband and friend. Whenever I think of him, I have an unshakeable desire to live and am filled with a joyful melancholy, which gives me an incredible strength.  So I shall try to give you a little of this treasure.”