PARIS - In the first of a series, Sotheby’s experts in Paris reveal what to look out for in their fields.

Nathalie Beras, Junior Specialist, Russian Art:

Frozen Dreams introduces a largely unknown area of the arts: the production of Russian contemporary art.

To me this is currently one of the most vibrant areas of creativity and the book features more than 80 artists, covering painting, photography, installation and performance art. The Russian artistic scene is revealed as both diverse and surprising. Co-edited by Joanna Vickery, head of Russian art at Sotheby’s London, the book explores the relationship between art and society in the context of the major upheavals in Russia over the last 20 years.

It is impossible for me to choose favourite artists in Frozen Dreams, but I love Komar and Mélamide’s art, which subverts and decontextualizes the images and slogans from the Soviet era. Although completely opposite in style, I also like the porcelain faces of Oleg Dou’s spotless photographs (as shown on the cover of the book) that immortalize a magical beauty far removed from political discourse.

Following the evolution of Russian art from the underground of the Soviet period to the explosion of genres and styles in the wake of perestroika, this book is a genuine invitation to begin a journey.

Frozen Dreams: Contemporary Art from Russia
Hossein Amirsadeghi and Joanna Vickery
TransGlobe Publishing / Thames and Hudson

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