Ten years ago I presented a group of paintings by Ron Gorchov in a space on Hudson Street in the West Village. It was the first time he had shown his work in years, and it was the first solo exhibition of an artist’s work that I had ever curated. I was 18, and Ron was 75. He had been making art for decades, yet his paintings possessed an innate power that seemed so youthful to me.

LS1501_foreword_1Ron Gorchov in his studio, 2013
Courtesy of the artist, Photographer: Michael Avedon

One of the first paintings I saw of Ron’s was Ulysses, from 1979. The vast blue curved canvas struck me immediately with its intensity and beauty. Though a quarter century had passed since it had been made, it seemed to me that it could have been created the day before. People who came to the show thought I had discovered an emerging young artist because the work looked like something they had never seen before.
The following year, Ron had a solo show at MoMA PS1, an institution focused on the new. Ron was back on the art world map. His work is timeless and he is ageless.

Ron – thank you. It’s an incredible privilege to work with you. I also want to extend my gratitude to everyone at Sotheby’s for their support of this project. And lastly, a huge thank you to my own staff.

New York City

January 2015