Lots 38-42

Contemporary Art Evening Auction

Lots 32-33

 The Italian Sale

On Kawara
Estimate: 120,000-180,000 GBP
Martin Kippenberger
Estimate: 180,000-250,000 GBP
Sarah Lucas
Is Suicide Genetic?
Estimate: 50,000-70,000 GBP
Jeff Wall
Blind Window No. 2
Estimate: 100,000-150,000 GBP
Cindy Sherman
Untitled Film Still #59
Estimate: 150,000-200,000 GBP
Alighiero Boetti
Estimate: 150,000-200,000 GBP
Alighiero Boetti
Novembre 1983
Estimate: 80,000-120,000 GBP

The Sender Collection is a deeply personal and expansive trove of the very best of contemporary art. The individual constituents that comprise this stellar constellation of astounding artistic achievement together survey a critical course of art history over the past half-century. Eschewing popular trends for the diligent pursuit of exceptional works by modern masters, the collection was assembled with a focused concentration on quality and conceptual coherence. It was with piercing intelligence and determined passion that this unparalleled group was meticulously edited into the provocative, fascinating, yet utterly logical entity that it is today.

Charting some of the most influential art historical movements of the past few decades, including young British art, contemporary photography and Arte Povera, The Sender Collection is a true panorama of contemporary art. Chosen with an almost prescient acuity are the imposing photographic works by the visionary photographers Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall: Sherman’s Untitled Film Still is breath-taking example of the artist’s celebrated monochrome stills from films whilst Wall’s Blind Window No. 2 astutely deals with the Baudelairian ‘blind’ window with one of his acclaimed light boxes. This innovative use of media is directly comparable to Martin Kippenberger’s pioneering use of black latex in Untitled and the standout female yBa, Sarah Lucas’ poetic conflation of banal materials such as a burnt armchair and cigarettes in Is Suicide Genetic? . In a similar manner, On Kawara’s Mar. 31 1975, from his signature Today series, appropriates quotidian newspaper clippings from the New York Times to create a jewel-like relic of Monday, 31 March 1975. Reflective of the depth and breadth of this kaleidoscopic collection, there are also pivotal pieces by the revolutionary Italian, Alighiero Boetti, including the iconic Novembre, a schema of dexterously hand-copied magazine covers, and the remarkable Senza Titolo (Aerei), one of the artist’s iconic azure skies punctuated by delicately hand-drawn aeroplanes. This extraordinarily variegated grouping is an intricately layered product of an approach to collecting that reflects indepth bodies of adventurous work by artists who forged new methods of expression.

Demonstrating a manifest passion and true intellectual admiration, Adam Sender is widely recognised for his active generosity in loaning his works to important international museum exhibitions. The works that comprise The Sender Collection have not only been included in countless keynote retrospective exhibitions – exemplifying the pinnacle of the artists’ achievements – but in addition, alternate versions and editions of many of the works are held in major collections globally, both institutional and private. Sender’s selection of works embodies his long-term vision of collecting, and exhibit his deeply committed approach to acquiring art that he is genuinely passionate about. Though incredibly focused, The Sender Collection grew organically, evolving alongside the development of contemporary art over the past 30 years. The collection’s overall coherence articulates expert understanding, curatorial intelligence, keen judgment,  connoisseurship, and the unwavering ardour of an attitude that is truly and enduringly ahead of the curve.