LOT 21

Joan Miró’s stunning Peinture, dating from 1954, is not only a highly accomplished painting, but also a testament to a friendship between two of the most influential figures of twentieth-century art. Dedicated to Alberto Giacometti and his wife Annette and given to the couple shortly after its execution, the work remained in the Giacomettis’ private collection and subsequently passed to the Fondation Alberto et Annette Giacometti, where it has remained to the present day. Sotheby’s is delighted to be offering this exceptional work for sale, and for the opportunity to present this work to the public for the first time in its sixty-year history. 

L15006_giacometti_2Pilar Miró, Joan Miró and Alberto Giacometti on a boat,
1950s (detail) Archives of the Fondation Alberto et
Annette Giacometti, inv. 2003-1491

In the late 1920s Miró and Giacometti formed part of the Surrealist circle, having been introduced by André Masson. The two artists started seeing each other regularly during the summer of 1929, at which time they both had contracts with the Galerie Pierre in Paris. They first exhibited alongside each other in a group show Miró, Arp, Giacometti held at the Galerie Pierre in 1930, and it was at this exhibition that Breton saw Giacometti’s Boule suspendue and invited him to join the Surrealist group. Throughout the following decades Miró and Giacometti remained part of the same artistic milieu. After their initial association with the Surrealist group, they later gathered around art dealers Pierre Loeb, Pierre Matisse and Aimé Maeght, who promoted and exhibited their works. The two artists had great respect for each other as witnessed by the letters they exchanged, and remained close friends until Giacometti’s death in 1966.