LOTS 353-368

L15004_wessing_1Dr. Dr. Kurt Wessing

Over the course of several decades Dr. Dr. Kurt Wessing (1927-2014) built up a remarkable collection of silver, prints and furniture alongside the exquisitely curated group of German Expressionist works that Sotheby’s is proud to present here for sale.

Wessing was a leading figure in the cultural and intellectual life of Germany as well as on a more international level.  Highly respected amongst his legal peers, Wessing studied law and was appointed to the bar in Düsseldorf in 1955, before becoming a co-founder of the major international law firm Taylor Wessing in 1957. Wessing was also one of the founding members of the Law Faculty at Heinrich-Heine University, and was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit First Class in 1998 in recognition of his many contributions to the legal and economic life of Germany.

The collection includes a diverse selection of works on paper by leading masters of Die Brücke, including Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s expressive Self-Portrait and Hermann Max Pechstein’s elegiac Boote in Nidden amongst other examples by both artists. The group is crowned by two very different but highly accomplished oils by Pechstein: a striking portrait of Frau Dr. Plietzsch and a joyful celebration of summer in Die Sonne kam wieder. Works by August Macke, Lyonel Feininger and Emil Nolde round off this wonderful collection, which, in its entirety, elegantly reflects Wessing’s passionate knowledge of German Expressionism.