LOTS 116-120

THE PLACE: Kvalnes, Lofoten, Norway

Maaretta Jaukkuri is a visionary curator and professor of contemporary art who has, throughout her career, influenced students, theorists, artists and the public. It is in her name, and supported by those whom she has touched, that The Place will be built.

MAARETTA_JAUKKURI_1Rendering of the Foundation building

The Place will be open to all who are in direct or indirect ways connected to contemporary art:  curators, artists, authors, natural or social scientists, philosophers, spiritual thinkers, economists, visionaries or whatever groups or individuals the future brings. It will be situated on the shore of the Norwegian Sea, where Maaretta Jaukkuri owns a small piece of land. Its closest neighbours are Greenland and the Spitzbergen islands. The Place is in an inhabited area yet one that offers ample peace and tranquillity in a majestic natural environment renowned for its beauty and ever-changing moods

MAARETTA_JAUKKURI_recircPhoto credit The Place: Olav T Søla © 2015

The Place will be a purpose built contemporary environment. It will offer its residents the time and space to think over their aims, to read and test their understanding of their work.  The building will provide all the necessities for simple living.  There is no traditional studio space; it is designed for studying, reflecting, writing and meditating. The surrounding environment is an ever-present source of inspiration. Cultural inspiration and impulses for work are provided in the books, digital connections and a telescope

MAARETTA_JAUKKURI_3Photo credit The Place: Olav T Søla © 2015

The basic goal is to increase the resident’s scope of emotional recognition and intellectual understanding and to initiate and support meaningful dialogues between art and the public. We hope that this place will provide a reflexive site from which to become aware of blind spots and to discover changing rhythms, fruitful paradoxes and new openings.

This vision would not be possible without the kind support of many artists including, Tony Cragg, Dan Graham, Alfredo Jaar and Anish Kapoor.

Antony Gormley