Sotheby’s Picture Library contains hundreds of thousands of never-before-seen images available for licensing. From the web to high-resolution print applications, Sotheby’s provides creative professionals and the press with compelling imagery from the fine arts and beyond.

The Tup, Alfred, with St John and Gaudy, bred by C. Mason, Thomas Freebairn Wilson
Waterlilies, Claude Monet
Sonde I Jolster, Norway, Nikolai Astrup
Ludgate – Evening, 1887, John O’Connor
A Portrait of a Noblewoman, Follower of Francois Clouvet
Portrait d’Une Elegante, Gustave Jean Jacquet
Girl Reading, 1892, Charles Courtney Curran
The Garden Path, c.1910, Frederick Carl Frieseke
Portrait of the Glen Walker Sisters, John da Costa
Absinthe Drinkers, 1908, Jean Beraud
At the Gallery, Paul Gustav Fischer
Zwei Sich Umarmende Frauen, 1913, Egon Schiele
Portrait of Viotti Collins, 1831, C. Barter
Danseuse au Repos, c.1879, Edgar Degas
Napoleon at Fontainebleau, Paul Delaroche
Cupid and Psyche, a Berlin Plaque, After Guillaume Seignac
Midvinterblot, Carl Larsson
Christ Walking on the Waters, Iuli Iulievich Klever
The Arrival of the Christmas Tree, Hans Andersen Brendekilde
Wild Pansy and Wood Violet, Charles Rennie Mackintosh
A Reclining Nude, Constantino Barbella
A Collection of Diecast Toys


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