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ALEXANDER VASILIEVICH KUPRIN | Autumn Bouquet Against Blue Background (Krylatskoe)

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  • Alexander Vasilievich Kuprin
  • Autumn Bouquet Against Blue Background (Krylatskoe)
  • bearing Vsekokhudozhnik and Soviet Academy of Arts exhibition labels on the stretcher
  • oil on canvas
  • 88.5cm by 75.5cm, 34 3/4 by 29 3/4 in.
  • Executed in 1923


Tatiana Anisimova-Kuprina (1902-1987), the artist's wife
A gift from the above to the family of the present owners


Leningrad, Academy of Arts of the USSR, A.V.Kuprin, S.D.Lebedev, N.P.Ulyanov, 1977


K.Kravchenko, A.V.Kuprin, Moscow: Sovetskii khudozhnik, 1973, p.10, no.89 illustrated b/w; p.89 illustrated; p.235 listed
Exhibition catalogue A.V.Kuprin, S.D.Lebedev, N.P.Ulyanov, Leningrad: Iskusstvo, 1977, p.24 listed under works from 1923

Catalogue Note

‘Everything is brought together in the centre’ wrote the art critic Lev Mochalov of Kuprin’s paintings, ‘and then from this central nucleus the main compositional rays propel outwards like droplets which spin out from a stone when it splashes into water’. The tight knot of autumn leaves in the present still life spray outwards from the centre in exactly the manner Mochalov describes, lending a sense of dynamism to the composition characteristic of Kuprin’s best works and accentuating the contiguity of forms with overlapping colour.