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The circular panel set with cushion-shaped diamonds, supporting a pendant set with a pear- and cushion-shaped diamonds, detachable brooch, pendant and suspension loop, additional bar fitting, fitted case stamped Moritz Hübner, the exterior of the case with the monogram and coronet for Princess Marie Pie de Bourbon-Siciles.


Given by Charles III, Duke of Parma and Piacenza (1823-1854), to his daughter-in-law, Princess Marie Pie de Bourbon-Siciles (1849-1882), on the occasion of her wedding with Prince Robert de Bourbon-Parme (1848-1907) in 1869. Princess Marie Anne de Bourbon Parme mentions in her inventory:

"Un écrin velours bleu ciel et chiffre M.P. contenant une grande broche avec pendeloque en diamants, deux C entrelacés comme boucle. Cette broche a été donnée par le Duc Charles II de Parme comme cadeau de noce à la Duchesse Marie Pie et m'a été donnée également comme cadeau de noce par mon mari, le Prince Elie qui l'avait héritée de sa mère". 

[Un baby blue velvet case with the monogram M.P. containing a large brooch with pendant set with diamonds, two intertwined C as the hoop. This brooch was given by Duke Charles II de Parme as a wedding gift to Duchess Marie Pie, and was then given to me as a wedding gift as well by my husband, Prince Elie, who had inherited it from his mother].

Catalogue Note

Archduchess Marie Anne of Austria wore this pendant for the ball given the day of her wedding with Prince Elie de Bourbon Parme in 1903.