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Replica set of the British Crown Jewels, 1950s

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  • gilt base metal, paste stones, simulant pearls, imitation fur, velvet, plastic, wood
Comprising replicas of various pieces of the Crown Jewels in gilt metal, paste stones, simulant pearls, velvet and imitation ermine trim, including:
Five sceptres: St Edward's Staff, length approximately 154.5cm; the Queen Consort's ivory sceptre with cross, white resin imitating the ivory sections, length approximately 114cm; the Queen Consort's sceptre with colourless paste stones, length approximately 129cm; the Queen Consort's sceptre with multi-coloured paste stones, length approximately 121cm; and the Sovereign Sceptre, length approximately 115.5cm
Five crowns: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's Crown, diameter approximately 19.5cm; the King George Crown, diameter approximately 18.5cm;  the Imperial State Crown, diameter approximately 16.5cm; the Queen Mary Crown, diameter approximately 19.5cm; and St. Edward's Crown. diameter approximately 19cm;
Three swords: the Sword of Spiritual Justice, length approximately 89.5cm; the Jewelled Sword of Offering, length approximately 102cm; and the Sword of State, length approximately 138cm;
The Ampulla, modelled as a standing eagle, height approximately 27.5cm; the Anointing Spoon, length approximately 22cm; the Mace, length approximately 118cm; the Sovereign's orb, diameter approximately 16.5cm; the Armills of Charles II, inner circumferences approximately 19cm; and the King's Spurs; together with twelve storage boxes and five red velvet cushions. (part illustrated)

Catalogue Note

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place on 2nd June 1953 at Westminster Abbey. Several replicas of the crown jewels, of which this is one, were made in honour of the Coronation to be displayed to communities across the Commonwealth. For the ceremony itself, the Queen wore the Imperial State crown, with the Sovereign Sceptre with Cross, containing the famed Cullinan I diamond, in her right hand, and the Sovereign's Orb in her left.