Lot 1892
  • 1892


98,000,000 - 120,000,000 HKD
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Set with a step-cut fancy vivid blue diamond weighing 5.00 carats, decorated with baguette diamonds, mounted in 18 karat white gold, size 6.

Catalogue Note

Accompanied by GIA report no. 2135360540, dated 8 May 2015, stating that the diamond is Fancy Vivid Blue, Natural Colour, VS2 Clarity; also accompanied by GIA monograph stating 'Saturated with the color of wisdom, harmony and truth, the Ai Diamond is more than an object of beauty...Pure, strong, rare and beautiful, the Ai Diamond is an exceptional exhibit of diamond's most treasured and universal meaning: love.' _____________________________________________________________________

Love Conquers All

The allure of the blue diamond can be traced back to the initial discovery of diamonds themselves. Since reaching the one million dollars per carat price point, and consistently breaking its own price-per-carat record, the most rare, valuable and extraordinary gemstone has been the coveted fancy vivid blue diamond. For every 33,000 gem-quality diamonds uncovered, only one possess the brilliance and blue colour most sought after. Among some of the first diamonds to emerge from the legendary Kollur mine in the Golconda, blue diamonds have been treasured as the epitome of natural wonders.

With immense rarity comes exceptional value. The formation of a beautiful blue diamond takes place far beneath the depths of the earth’s mantle, where the scarce trace elements of boron can be found from the ancient oceans providing the diamond with its unrivaled colour. Following its rare composition, the gemstone must then survive a violent journey back to the surface, to be discovered. Despite all odds, these notable blue diamonds manage to be characterized by their remarkably high clarity levels. As mentioned in the GIA Monograph in recognition of the Ai ’ Diamond, “The fashioning of any colored diamond is difficult work, as even the most seemingly insignificant cut can dramatically influence color, clarity, durability, or the diamond’s overall value. Manufacturing blue diamonds is a particularly arduous process that requires careful inspection of the face-up color appearance at each stage. For this reason, only the most experienced cutters in the trade are entrusted with the task of their manipulation.”

Collectively satisfying the desired colour, clarity and cut, it is no wonder that blue diamonds have made the gemstone hall of fame time and time again. The likes of the Idol’s Eye, a 70.21 carat light blue diamond was rumored to have served as an eye in a Hindu Idol. The famous Hope Diamond, originally 112.50 carats, was brought to Europe by the famous diamond merchant, Tavernier and sold to Louise XIV, who later ordered that the gem be cut down to 67.12 carats; after the French Revolution, the gem changed various hands, most likely having been cut into a smaller gem, which we know as the 45.52 carat Hope diamond today, attracting millions of visitors to the Smithsonian Institute annually. More recently, the “Blue Moon of Josephine” set a new price-per-carat world record for any diamond or gemstone, once again paying homage to the enduring charm and desirability of the fancy vivid blue diamond.

Love, is the universal language, unspoken but omnipresent, fitting for a gem so unique and irreplaceable. The Ai ’ Diamond, Lot 1892, named after the greatest power of all: love, is a celestial treasure marrying the capabilities of nature and mankind to full display. With a shining internal clarity resonant of nature’s purity, reaching its utmost potential through the hands of a skillful cutter; the beauty that is the Ai ’ Diamond cannot be compromised nor compared.