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Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite

Hong Kong

A Spectacular Pair of Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond and Diamond Pendent Earrings
Designed as double gourds and vines, each suspending four old European brilliant-cut fancy vivid yellow diamonds weighing 51.17 carats in total, embellished with diamonds of pink and yellow tint, mounted in 18 karat yellow and pink gold, post and hinged back fittings, all pendants detachable, necklace fitting and earring extensions.
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Catalogue Note

Accompanied by eight GIA reports, stating that the diamonds ranging from 8.43 to 4.53 carats are Fancy Vivid Yellow, Natural Colour, Internally Flawless to VS2 Clarity.

Please note that the diamonds of pink and yellow tint have not be tested for natural colour origin.


The Perfect Match

The captivating hue of a yellow diamond has increasingly become one of the most desired colours of diamonds for collectors and admirers. Whilst colourless diamonds are equally valued for their carat, clarity, colour and cut, when it comes to their more colourful counterparts, the intensity of colour saturation rises above the rest. The remarkable yellow hue which we find in coveted yellow diamonds is attributed to the one trace element: nitrogen. During the diamond formation, nitrogen atoms will arrange in such a way that causes blue light to be absorbed, thus producing a natural yellow colour. In this case, the eight exquisite diamonds have been awarded the grade of Fancy Vivid Yellow, the highest and most coveted colour grade for yellow diamonds. Each of the eight diamonds, well matched in colour, tone and saturation, are truly treasures to behold.

According to GIA, 94% of yellow diamonds examined were shapes other than round brilliant, and amongst the rarest of the rare, we find old European cut fancy vivid yellow diamonds. While the round brilliant and old European cut diamond both have 57 or 58 facets, it’s the shape and placement of those facets that give each cut their distinctive personality. A century ago, stones were chosen for colour, they were cut in ways to retain their carat weight as well as maximizing fire, brilliance and scintillation. The open culet in an old European cut allows you to look straight down through to the bottom of the stone where light is reflected.

For a cutter, the primary goal is to polish a rough so as to yield a potential Fancy Vivid colour. However, the many combinations of facets may lead to risks of windowing or extinction intermingling with the face-up colour and affecting the overall colour grade. The skilled assessment and craftsmanship required cutting a coloured diamond honouring its colour and weight takes many years to perfect.

Drawing inspiration from the Chinese idiom of瓜瓞綿綿 (guā dié mián mián), which originates from the imagery of a fruitful harvest of melons flowering from their vines, Lot 1858 signifies well-wishes for a flourishing family, and a thriving nation for generations to come. Using the homonyms of the word 瓞 (dié), the phrase also became associated with butterflies蝴蝶 (húdié) representing love and an unwavering bond between lovers.

The versatility in design and convertibility of the suite allows the wearer’s creativity to shine through alongside the designer’s vision. With the strict parameters defining the facets and angles of an old European cut, and a colour as desirable as the fancy vivid yellow grading achieved by the diamonds in Lot 1858, it is truly a rarity that eight diamonds of coloured perfection be united in the form of a spectacular jewel. As the saying goes, “everything old is new again”, this unique piece is the ideal union between an antique cutting style and the modern interpretation of a traditional Chinese blessing in the form of an ingenious design bearing a vibrant and promising hope of the prosperity and good fortune to come.

Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite

Hong Kong