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PETRUS 1970 |

170,000 - 240,000 HKD
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Petrus 1970 PomerolLot 6599: u. 5bn, 4vts, labels very slightly scuffed at edges and slightly bin soiled, capsules with minor corrosion and scuffed at base, Lot 6600: u. 5bn, 3vt, 1ts, slightly bin soiled labels, wrinkled at sides and slightly scuffed at edges, corroded capsules damaged at base due to case dividers, Lot 6601: u. 2bn, 3vts, very good color and clarity, 4 labels very slightly scuffed on the edges, capsules slghtly corroded and worn on the bottom edges, otherwise very good general appearance for age, Lot 6602: u. 3bn, 2vts, 3ts, 3t/hs, 1hs, labels bin soiled, 1 detached, 2 peeling in corners, 7 capsules corroded, rest showing signs of corrosion, owc lid partially missing, Lot 6603: u. 3bn, 3vts, 4ts, 1t/hs, labels lightly soiled, several slightly creased and nicked at bottom edge, 5 capsules corroded on top, Lot 6604: u. 1bn, 4vts, 5ts, 1t/hs, labels slightly soiled, 1 wrinkled, several peeling at corners, several creased at corners and slightly damaged, Lot 6605: u. 8vts, 2ts, 3t/hs, good color and clarity, labels very lightly scuffed, capsules slightly worn and corroded, 8 very slightly sunken corks, 1 very slightly raised cork, Lot 6606: u. 5bn, 2vts, 1t/hs, bin soiled labels, wrinkled at sides, 1 label torn in centre and 1 stained at top, capsules damaged and slightly corroded, 3 scuffed at base, damaged owc,, Lot 6607: u. 3vts, 5ts, 1t/hs, 2hs, 1h/m, labels scuffed, wrinkled and slightly loose at sides, capsules corroded and scuffed at base, Lot 6608: u. 3bn, 2vts, 4ts, 3t/hs, heavily bin soiled labels, scuffed and wrinkled at sides, capsules scuffed and corroded, owc partially missing bottomIn 2014, the huge, spicy nose is as great as ever. Incredible to remember that this had only a 12-day maceration, short for Petrus. Rich and opulently-textured on the palate. Defies its age. Meaty, sweet and gummy. One half of that legendary pair of Petrus, 1970 and 1971. I wish we met more often. Serena Sutcliffe, MW WA 99 6599:12 bts (owc) 6600:12 bts (owc) 6601:12 bts (owc) 6602:12 bts (owc) 6603:12 bts (owc) 6604:12 bts (owc) 6605:12 bts (owc) 6606:12 bts (owc) 6607:12 bts (owc) 6608:12 bts (owc)Estimates are per lot