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  • Katerina Belkina
  • For Lempicka
  • with the artist's studio label on the reverse
  • archival pigment printedition 8/8, 2007. Printed in 2018
  • 90 by 130cm., 35½ by 51in.

Catalogue Note

Katerina Belkina is best known for her digitally manipulated and intriguingly staged self-portraits. By combining her extensive photographic and painting skills she creates a visual language that is entirely her own. Blurring the boundaries between painting and photography Belkina’s work investigates the role of mankind, and in particular of woman in society, and explores the artist/model dichotomy. Belkina’s corpus includes thematically grouped photographic series exploring a variety of topics ranging from hands in Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper (Repast) to the status and experiences of women in her hometown, Samara (Light and Heavy). For Lempicka is part of her best known series of works, PAINT, which pay homage to the expressive force of her artistic heroes Lempicka, Picasso, Malevich, Kahlo, Klimt, Degas and others by reinterpreting some of their most iconic paintings.

Belkina perceives a major creative force in the tension and interaction between painter and model. By placing herself as the main protagonist in the recreated works, Belkina becomes both model and creator, thus entering into dialogues between herself and her artistic inspirations, and between herself as model, muse and painter.