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Vivien's charm bracelet

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  • chalcedony, jadeite
  • length approximately 187mm
the double curb link bracelet set with a six charms including: an oval locket inscribed Lady Hamilton with the initials VL, containing a photograph of Vivien Leigh as Lady Hamilton and a portrait by George Romney; a book inscribed Gone with the Wind, the pages inscribed Vivien Leigh and Scarlett O'Hara, with an engraved image of the character; a round charm with a design of a boat against a sunset, the sky of blue chalcedony; a jadeite pendant carved with a design of a bat; and two chalcedony drops. 

Catalogue Note

'I like good-luck charms and I am superstitious about some things. Not about whistling in dressing rooms, for instance. I don’t like that because it is a bore and disturbing other people. I don’t like seeing the new moon through glass. I suppose because I’m a country girl and like to be out in the open air.'
Vivien, interviewed by the Daily Express, Friday 19th August 1960, p.8.

Two of the charms in this highly personal bracelet commemorate some of the most memorable achievements of Vivien's career. Her Oscar-winning® performance in Gone with the Wind (1939) is commemorated by a charm designed as the novel by Margaret Mitchell from which the film was adapted, the interior pages revealing both her name and that of her character, Scarlett O'Hara. Vivien's own copies of both the novel and the screenplay are also offered in this sale. Similarly, the oval locket contains a recreation by Vivien of a painting of the famous entertainer and muse Emma, Lady Hamilton by George Romney. Vivien starred as Lady Hamilton (1675 - 1815) in That Hamilton Woman (1941), opposite Larry, who played Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson. In pairing Vivien with her onscreen characters, both of these charms underline the deep connections she felt between herself and the women she brought to life on film.