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Andrew A. Taylor, New Jersey

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  • Cigarette Box from Myron Selznick
  • stamped with maker's mark, Sterling standard and series 472
  • silver, gilt interior, wood lining and compartments
rectangular, lid engraved 'Vivien and Larry/ Love Myron'


Possibly, Notley Abbey Inventory, April 1948, p. 39, silver / dining room, 'A sterling plain oblong cigarette box with cushion lined cedar wood 10" by 3½ by 1½ (The Vivien Leigh Archive, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, THM/433/6/1);
Anthony Denney, 'The Oliviers off stage,' House and Garden, May 1958, p. 64, illustrated on a low table in Vivien's drawing room at Eaton Square, Belgravia.

Catalogue Note

Myron Selznick (1898-1944) was Larry’s American agent and the brother of the renowned film producer David Selznick who had bought the rights to produce Gone with the Wind. Despite spending $50,000 in the quest for his Scarlett, David was desperate to find the new girl the public wanted to fit the heroine as described in the novel: striking green eyes, slanted brows, black hair, magnolia white skin and an arresting face. It was very late in December 1938, when filming had started, that Vivien appeared, introduced by Myron. As described by David ‘when [Myron] introduced me to her, the flames were lighting up her face and Myron said: ‘ I want you to meet Scarlett O’Hara.’ I took one look and I knew that she was right.’ (Vickers, op. cit., p. 112)
After a triumphant opening in Atlanta, Gone with the Wind opened in Hollywood on 27 December, after which Vivien and Larry spent New Year’s Eve at Myron’s mountain house.