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An extensive American silver and parcel-gilt silver Florentine pattern flatware service in original case, Tiffany & Co., New York, circa 1900

70,000 - 100,000 USD
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  • silver, wood, fabric
engraved ARO and with demi-lion crest, comprising:
36 entrée forks
36 entrée knives
18 dinner forks
18 salad forks
18 fish forks
18 oyster forks
18 fruit forks
18 ice cream forks
18 berry forks
18 orange knives
18 butter knives
18 table knives
18 game knives
18 fish knives
18 dessert knives
18 tea knives
18 soup spoons
18 sorbet spoons
18 dessert spoons
18 coffee spoons
18 orange spoons
18 egg spoons
18 bouillon spoons
18 breakfast spoons
18 teaspoons
18 peppers
18 salts
17 game forks
18 salt spoons
18 nut pricks
12 butter pats
9 nutcrackers
5 serving spoons
4 piece carving set
2 horseradish spoons
2 mustard spoons
2 sauce ladles
2 knife rests
2 master butter knives
2 sugar spoons
2 jelly spoons
2 bon-bon spoons
2 sugar tongs
2 butter picks

soup ladle, fish fork, fish knife, crumb knife, gravy spoon, bone holder, serving fork, salad fork, salad spoon, vegetable spoon, macaroni fork, lettuce fork, roast fork, marrow spoon, gravy ladle, asparagus tongs, ice cream knife, cream ladle, pudding knife, grape scissors, jelly knife, cheese scoop, master butter knife, berry spoon, nut spoon, sugar sifter, pickle knife, pickle fork, preserve spoon, olive fork, olive spoon, sardine fork, punch ladle, Saratoga chip spoon, poached egg server, bread fork, cake knife, meat fork, oyster ladle, oyster server, caddy spoon, serving tongs and ice tongs.

Together with the following, also Florentine pattern, unengraved and not with slots to receive: two serving spoons, two serving forks, sauce ladle, jelly spoon, cake knife, cake slice, carving knife.
677 pieces, in fitted Tiffany case