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  • "Stone Architecture on Mars, Demonstrating Mars' two-thirds less gravity than Earth's." 
  • oil on board
10½ by 11 inch oil on artist's board, signed "Chesley Bonestell" lower right. Verso stamped "Chesley Bonestell", titled on verso in pen in Bonestell's hand, with additional pencil notation reading "In 1985 I realized that the columns should be 1¾ times thicker (measure closest col. at base) than they are in the ptg."


Ex Collection of Frederick C. Durant, III


Published in: Ley & Von Braun's The Exploration of Mars, 1956, p. 66, as plate x.

Catalogue Note

A striking image by the "Father of Space Art". "Bonestell's work represented a quantum leap in the quality of space art. By combining his experience as an architectural renderer (for the knowledge of perspective and light and shadow) with his experience as a Hollywood special effects matte painter (for realistic painting techniques), Bonestell was able to bring a sense of reality to space art that set a standard that is still admired today." (Hartmann, Bradbury, Sokolov, Miller et al, In the Stream of Stars, p 31).