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Georgy Gurianov

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  • Georgy Gurianov
  • After the Battle
  • acrylic over pencil on canvas


Acquired directly from the artist

Catalogue Note

After the Battle is based on Alexander Deineka’s eponymous monumental canvas (1937-1942), now in the Kursk Gallery, Russia, which itself was based on a photograph by Boris Ignatovich.

Gurianov was a cult figure in the Leningrad underground scene of the 1980s and 1990s. Originally the drummer in the rock group Kino, after the death of the lead singer he became a full-time artist and member of the two most important art movements to emerge at the end of the Soviet Union: the New Artists and the New Academy. The New Academicians sought to restore the figurative in contemporary art and a return to the Classical ideals of beauty, allowing them to explore, more or less openly, androgyny and homoeroticism in art.