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  • A miniature "monkey" microscope, c.1888
  • Microscope
100mm. high, the barrel supported by a shaped limb mounted to the monkey's head, the stage (with mirror beneath) supported by the monkey's arms, monkey seated on a small pinth stamped "128", circular base painted green, stamped on the underside "MOREAU" and "128", housed in a wooden box with brass carrying handle and side hook catches, some light wear

Catalogue Note

This microscope was illustrated in the "Summary of Current Researches relating to... Microscopy" in the Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society in February 1889 having been exhibited at the meeting of the Society the previous December: "In its design art as well as science has been drawn on, for instead of an ordinary base and pillar a figure of a monkey is introduced which holds in its hands the stage and mirror, while the cross-arm carrying the body-tube and socket is screwed to the top of its head."