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Pair of Porcupine Quill Earrings, Shaun Leane

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  • Silver & Porcupine Quills
Silver curved ear-loops and spokes set with natural porcupine spikes (Erethizon dorsatum), diameter 12 inches.


Savage Beauty, Victoria & Albert Museum, 14 March - 2 August, 2015.

Catalogue Note

‘I bought these porcupine quills whilst on a trip to South Africa in 1995 and kept them as part of my ‘Curiosities’ collection, knowing that one day I would find a special use for them. Their moment came in 2003 when I combined their elegance and delicacy with silver to form these powerful earrings. I am particularly proud of these pieces as they question how the ear should be decorated. As we know traditionally, earrings are placed on or through the ear but I chose a new direction – encircling and framing them instead.’ S.L.

Created for Alexander McQueen's 'Irere' Collection, Spring/Summer 2003.