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A Berlin part-dinner service, late 19th century

2,000 - 4,000 GBP
4,375 GBP
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  • Porcelain
each piece with a neu-ozier moulded border highlighted with a gilded scrollwork band at the rim edge, painted with scattered flower sprays and sprigs, comprising;
36 dinner plates, 24.5cm., 9 5/8 in. diam.,
30 smaller plates, 21.4cm., 8 3/8 in. diam.,
and 12 soup plates,
together with two pairs of Berlin circular dishes painted with fruit, 21.5cm., 8 1/2 in. and 19.5cm., 7 5/8 in. diam., sceptre-marks in underglaze-blue, stencilled KPM and orb marks in iron-red, various painted numerals and incised numerals, and six porcelain pierced dessert baskets on stands, 16.5cm., 7 5/8 in. high