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Gospel of St John, in Greek

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  • "Souvenir" facsimile of the Rylands Fragment of the Gospel of St John, in Greek. [Unknown, 19th or 20th century]
  • ink,leather,paper
Fragment on papyrus (ca. 3 7/8 x 3 in.; 100 x 75 mm) 7 lines

Catalogue Note

Slightly larger facsimile of the recto of the Rylands papyrus (Manchester, University Library, Papyrus Rylands 458, also known as P52, ca. 90 x 60 mm) containing parts of seven lines from the middle of a column of writing. The text witnesses John 18:31-33 written in a script that has been dated (by comparison with other early Christian papyri) to the 2nd century AD, and is thus among the very earliest fragments of Christian writing to survive on papyrus (datings by scholars range from 100-175 AD). The back of the papyrus onto which the facsimile has been written is blank, whereas the Rylands fragment is inscribed with verses 37-38.

Dr. Ryrie might have used the facsimile for teaching purposes.