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Sa'adi (d.1292 AD), Kulliyat, signed by Na’im al-Din al-Katib, Persia, Shiraz, Timurid, dated 890 AH/1486 AD and 899 AH/1494 AD

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Persian manuscript on polished paper, 511 leaves plus 3 flyleaves, 18 to 19 lines to the page, written in small nasta'liq script in black ink, approximately 24 leaves later replaced, occasional words in blue, red and gold, catchwords, margins ruled in gold, red and blue, f.1a with illuminated shamsa followed by double page finely-illuminated frontispiece decorated with a dense ground of interlacing split-palmettes and scrolling flowers in colours and gold, text within cloud bands against a hatched ground sprinkled with flowers, gold strapwork borders, 8 further illuminated headings (1 later replacement) plus numerous title panels in colours and gold, colophon embellished with leafy flowers, fine red morocco binding with gilt-stamped central medallions and corner pieces filled with a rigorous interlace of flowerheads and split palmettes, filigree-work doublures against blue grounds, with flap