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Marco Ricci

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  • Marco Ricci
  • A landscape with washerwomen and a man bathing on a river near a thatched cottage
  • Tempera on kidskin laid down on panel


George Proctor, Langley Park, Norfolk (1742);
by inheritance to his nephew William Beauchamp;
Sir Thomas Beauchamp-Proctor;
by descent to Sir Christopher Beauchamp, Bt., London,
by whom sold, London, Christie's, 26-27 November 1974, lot 119


A. Scarpa Sonino, Marco Ricci, Milan 1991, p. 145, no. 15, reproduced p. 315, fig. 278

Catalogue Note

This subject must have been very popular among Marco Ricci's capricci, as he seems to have used it, with variations, in several works.  It is closely related to two other known drawings by him, respectively in the British Museum and at Windsor Castle.The stylus indentation on the British Museum drawing suggests that it was used to trace a guideline for the version at Windsor Castle.  The composition is also repeated, in reverse with some variations mostly relating to the figures, in Ricci's etching, Bartsch XXI, 2.2  These drawings must have been used as inspiration for the painted version at Windsor Castle3 and the present work.  The main difference between the latter and the other known versions is the format, which in the present tempera appears extended and characterized by a more rectangular shape, and the foreground appears closer to the viewer.  The figure of a man climbing out of the water in the left foreground, also in Ricci's etching, occurs in the painting with another standing figure nearby.
The Windsor drawing was engraved by Bartolozzi when in the collection of Consul Smith.4

This and the following lot were part of a group of five tempere by Marco Ricci which came from the collection at Langley Park, Norfolk.  Annalisa Scarpa Sonino has suggested a dating for them between the second and third decades of the 18th century.

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