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Follower of Rueland Frueauf the Elder

6,000 - 8,000 GBP
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  • Rueland Frueauf the Elder
  • The Flagellation
  • oil on pine panel


Dr. Peter Hierzenberger, Vienna;
By whom sold, London, Sotheby's, 4 April 1984, lot 7, for £20,000 (as by a follower of Rueland Frueauf the Elder);
Sale ('The Gothick Pavilion - A Private collection from Belgravia'), London, Christie's, 26 January 2011, lot 189, for £10,000.

Catalogue Note

Probably once part of larger polyptych representing scenes from the Passion. At the time of the Christie's 2011 sale, Ludwig Meyer confirmed this as a contemporary work by a follower of Frueauf the Elder (Markt Obernberg am Inn circa 1440 - 1507 Passau), and dated it to the years 1480-1490.
The tiled floor, the arrangement of figures, and architectural detail relate to a Flagellation painted by Frueauf in 1490-1491, and today in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.1 Christ's high chest, narrow shoulders, and legs positioned at an awkward angle can be seen also in Frueauf's Man of Sorrows in the Alte Pinakothek, Munich (inv. no. 10681).2
A comparison with Frueauf's oeuvre leaves no doubt as to the present lot being by a different hand. However, if the design were indeed based on Frueauf's panel in Vienna, then it would be slightly later in date than Meyer suggested.
1. See A. Stange, Deutsche Malerei der Gotik: Salzburg, Bayern und Tirol in der Zeit von 1400 bis 1500, vol. 10, Nendeln 1969, p. 39, reproduced plate 65.
2. Oil on pine panel, 182.5 x 116 cm. See M. Schawe, Alte Pinakothek: Altdeutsche und altniederländische Malerei, Munich 2006, p. 156, reproduced p. 157.