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A Brussels Tapestry depicting the Story of Joseph and Potiphar's Wife early 17th century

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  • Wool

Catalogue Note

The present tapestry illustrates the story of Joseph and Potiphar's Wife, from the Book of Genesis, Chapter 39. Joseph, the son of Jacob and Rachel, was sold into slavery to an Egyptian named Potiphar, who was captain of the Pharoah's guard. Joseph was favored by Potiphar and became the steward of his household, where Joseph caught the eye of Potiphar's wife. Joseph resists temptation from Potiphar's wife, so she accuses him of trying to seduce her and Potiphar has Joseph imprisoned.

The narrative of this tapestry is presented in a counter-clockwise arrangement. In the left foreground we see two men, Potiphar on the right, negotiating Joseph's sale into slavery while Potiphar's wife looks on in the right foreground. In the right background. Joseph flees the lustful embrace of Potiphar's wife, leaving behind his cloak. In the center background Potiphar's wife present Joseph's cloak to Potiphar, accusing him of trying to seduce her. In the left background, Joseph is escorted to a castle-like prison.