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An Egyptian Turquoise Faience Figure of a Baboon, late 18th/20th Dynasty, circa 1390-1075 B.C.

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  • An Egyptian Turquoise Faience Figure of a Baboon
  • Faience
  • Height 6 1/8 in. 15.5 cm.
sacred to the moon god Thoth, seated on a pylon-shaped support rounded at the back and resting his forepaws on his knees, the tail curved around to one side, his cape-like mass of fur composed of echeloned vertically-striated lappets against a horizontally-striated ground, a naos pendant suspended on the chest, with incised mouth, recessed eyes beneath prominent arched brows, and human-like ears, a mortise for insertion of a headdress, probably the crescent and moon-disk, on the crown, a deep tapering recess under the support. 


William H. and Lily F. Diehl collection, New York, acquired in 1947, most probably from Maguid Sameda, 55 Sharia Ibrahim Pasha, Cairo
Walter H. (1920-81) and Martha W. Diehl
by descent to the present owner

Catalogue Note

A steatite figure of a baboon at the University of Heidelberg shows the same un-patterned inner coat of fur dipping down between the knees; see E. Feucht, Vom Nil zum Neckar, Berlin-Heidelberg, 1986, no. 217.