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An Egyptian Polychrome Limestone Ushabti of the Squire Paser, 18th Dynasty circa 1550-1292 B.C.

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  • An Egyptian Polychrome Limestone Ushabti of the Squire Paser
  • limestone
  • Height 9 in. 23 cm.
holding hoes and a seed-sack over his left shoulder, and striated tripartite wig, the seven lines of inscription in sunk relief naming the owner, mentioning his title, and reciting Spell VI of the Book of the Dead.


Hôtel Drouot, Paris, March 7th, 1977, no, 122, illus.
Charles Bouché collection (1928–2010), inv. no. 8, acquired at the above auction
Drouot Paris, Thierry de Maigret, commissaire-priseur, Daniel Lebeurrier, expert, Collection Charles Bouché, October 24th, 2001, no. 22, illus.

Catalogue Note

The official title engraved on the ushabti (lit. "groom") does not refer to a mere stable lad. It designates a "squire" (in the Medieval European sense of the word) entrusted with the care, display- and battle-readiness of a Cavalry horse.