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An Egyptian Serpentine Ushabti of Kefri, Mistress of the House, late 18th Dynasty, circa 1330-1292 B.C.

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  • An Egyptian Serpentine Ushabti of Kefri, Mistress of the House
  • stone
  • Height 7 13/16 in. 19.8 cm
holding hoes and a seed-sack behind her left shoulder, and wearing a pectoral in the form of a ba-bird with outstretched wings, broad beaded collar, long enveloping wig of horizontally striated curls, and floral diadem centering a lotus blossom above the forehead, her face with full lips indented at the corners, straight nose, and almond-shaped eyes with long incised eyebrows and cosmetic lines, the seven lines of inscription in sunk relief naming the owner and reciting a spell on her behalf followed by verses from chapter VI of the Book of the Dead.


Heinz Herzer, Munich, 1970s
Felix J. May Collection, Zurich, Switzerland, acquired in 1981/1982


“Geschenk des Nils: Ägyptische Kunstwerke aus Schweizer Besitz,” Archäologische Sammlung der Universität, Zurich, Historisches Museum, Bern, Kunstmuseum, Lucern, and Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva


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Catalogue Note

This ushabti inscribed for a woman is a rare example of its kind in the 18th Dynasty. Traces of a vertical worn inscription on the back may indicate that it was originally carved for a different person and usurped.

For typologically and stylistically related examples see Brussels, Musées Royaux du Cinquantenaire, Inv. No. E 5536 (L. Speleers, Les figurines funéraires égyptiennes, Brussels, 1923, pl. 22, P. Newberry, Funerary Statuettes and Model Sarcophagi, Cairo, 1937-57), no. 47626, and A. Wiese, Ägyptische Kunstwerke aus der Sammlung Hans & Sonja Humbel, Basel, 2014, pp. 62–63, no. 25.