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An Egyptian Bronze Figure of a Goddess, 26th/30th Dynasty, 664-342 B.C.

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  • An Egyptian Bronze Figure of a Goddess
  • bronze
  • Height from modern base 4 7/8 in. 12.4 cm.
probably Isis, standing on a rectangular base with her arms held at her sides, and wearing a long close-fitting dress, bracelets and armlets, broad collar, finely striated tripartite wig passing behind her ears, uraeus, and diadem of uraei surmounted by horns and sun-disk, her face with slightly smiling mouth with full lips, and large eyes with tapering eyebrows.


Emile Brugsch-Pacha, 1827-1894 (Archéologie, Collection Emile Brugsch-Pacha et à divers amateurs, Drouot-Richelieu, Paris, September 30th-October 1st, 1996, no. 497, illus.)

Catalogue Note

Heinrich Ferdinand Karl Brugsch, born in Berlin, was one of the great formative figures of Egyptology. He was encouraged at an early age by Alexander von Humboldt and Giuseppi Passalacqua, director of the Berlin Museum. In 1864 he served as Prussian Consul in Cairo; In 1870 he was made Bey by the Khedive, and Pacha in 1881. See Who Was Who in Egyptology, London, 1995, pp. 67-68.