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An Egyptian Bronze Figure of Isis with Horus, 25th/26th Dynasty, 750-525 B.C.

6,000 - 9,000 USD
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  • An Egyptian Bronze Figure of Isis with Horus
  • bronze
  • Height without tenon 7 5/8 in. 19.4 cm.
seated and holding her child Horus in her lap, and wearing a long close-fitting dress, beaded collar, finely striated tripartite wig with uraeus, vulture headdress, diadem of uraei, and horns and sun-disk (the latter with restoration), her broad face with smiling mouth and large wide-set eyes.


Albert Eid (1866-1950), Cairo
his wife Simone van Lierde Eid
Salle de Ventes Rops, Namur, Belgium, August 28th, 2011

Catalogue Note

“No. 232” and “£BK” are written in ink in an old hand under the wood base.