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Rare pieced and appliqued cotton bedcover, American, possibly Baltimore, circa 1850

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a "summer spread," two thickness of delicacy cotton, without batting, elegantly appliqued with small, precisely cut patches of printed, solid and plaid cotton, sewn with hem stitches; each of the 42 squares displays a horse with bridle and saddle; a peacock with tri-part tail with appliqued and hem-stitched "spots;" floral wreath, the central square with a peacock perched on the back of a horse, grasping a rope rein in its bill beside a flower-twined cross, banked by more flowers under an arching grapevine laden with clusters of grapes; the whole within a grapevine border.


Elliott and Grace Snyder Antiques, South Egremont, Massachusetts, 1995.

Catalogue Note

This quilt is an extraordinary work example of quilter's art.  The balance and symmetry of its design, the delicacy and consistency of its execution perfectly convey a sense of lyricism and remembrance.