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Twenty-one miniature Easter egg pendants, circa 1900

20,000 - 30,000 USD
23,750 USD
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  • gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, amethyst, enamel, various hardstones
comprising a carved amethyst and gold egg and a carved tiger's eye egg, both probably Fabergé; a small aventurine quartz egg; a gold and pale blue hardstone egg; a gold egg set with faceted pink tourmaline; a gold egg enameled transparent purple, Fabergé; a carved lapis lazuli egg; a small gold egg with gem-set flower spray; a gold beaded egg; a silver egg enameled with colorful tulips on lake edge, Ivan Britsyn; an emerald egg encased by a gem-set snake; a silver egg enameled silver white set with a diamond within a star; a carved nephrite egg with gold cagework; an egg enameled in pale orange and black stripes applied with a white Maltese cross; a diamond-set egg enameled transparent red; an egg enameled royal blue and painted with a white horseshoe; a stippled gold egg with gem-set floral spray; a gold egg enameled turquoise blue; a carved gold and tiger’s eye egg; a carved aventurine quartz and gold egg; and a gold and carved amethyst egg, most 56 standard. All suspended from a gold chain necklace.