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Regla de la sancta Misericordia, in Spanish, decorated manuscript on vellum [southern Spain (Cordoba), dated 1561]

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  • Vellum
52 leaves (fols.1-2 and 5-8 original flyleaves at front and fols.46-52 at back), 195mm. by 140mm., complete, single column, collation: i-iv2, v-xii4, xiii-xiv6, 22-23 lines, written space 145/155mm. by 100/105mm., written in a late gothic Spanish bookhand, rubrics in red, small initials and paragraph marks in red, one large initial on title page (fol.3r) with cadels in red ink with three-sided foliate border in purple ink, one large initial at beginning of text (fol.9r) in brown ink, 4 flyleaves at front with drawings in black ink depicting a man hunting (fol.2r), St. Lucia (fol.6r), the Crucifixion (fol.7v) and the Virgin and Child (fol.8r), covered with paper leaves in the seventeenth or eighteenth century with coloured drawings depicting the same subjects, these now detached and bound before the original drawings, a sketch of the head of a saint in brown ink on fol.1v, final additions by Juan Diaz de Valleso dated 6 September 1562 (fols.45v-46r), a number of long inscriptions in Spanish by different hands, the last dated 1698 (fols.3v-4r, 4v, and 49v-50r), vellum cockled throughout and damaged in places, the drawings somewhat damaged, in fair condition, contemporary stamped leather binding over wooden boards, with borders of geometric designs enclosing part of an inscription “COR”, the boards rubbed and worn in places, and leather of backboard split, skilfully rebacked


(1) Carlos Rusconi Comisano de Gena: his inscription with the date 1789 on fol.5v.

(2) Private collector, Surrey: letter from the Victoria & Albert Museum dated 1985 to him enclosed, with a brief analysis of the manuscript.

Catalogue Note


This manuscript contains the rules of a religious organisation named Sancta Misericordia which existed in sixteenth-century Cordoba. The title page reads “Regla de la sancta misericordia de nuestro senhor Ihesu Christo E de la limpia Conception de nuestra senora E virgine sancta Lucia e sanct Julian d’esta ciudad de Cordova Anno de 1561 Annos”. The final clause, dated 6 September 1562, shows that the ‘Misericordia’ was established in the church of St. Nicholas de la Axerquja, on the Potro Square in Cordoba. The clause is signed by the cathedral canon, Juan Diaz de Valleso.