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Impressive and Very Rare Emerald and Diamond Ring
Centring on a step-cut emerald weighing 35.72 carats, to a mount set with circular-cut diamonds, mounted in platinum. Ring size: 6
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Catalogue Note

Accompanied by AGL, Gübelin and SSEF reports numbered CS 81982, 12021008 and 61734, dated 8 February, 12 March and 11 January 2012 respectively, stating that the 35.72 carat emerald is natural, of Colombian origin, with no indications of clarity enhancement.
The AGL Jewelfolio further states that 'this gem exhibits the richly saturated and homogeneous, slightly bluish-green color representative of fine-quality emeralds of the Muzo mining area...this gem possesses a high clarity,...such clarity in an emerald of 35 ct is very rare.'
The Gübelin Appendix also states that 'This emerald possessed a saturated and homogeneous colour, combined with an exceptional degree of transparency...Colombian emeralds of this size and possessing such a high quality with a complete absence of any clarity enhancement are very rare.'



The characteristic green hue of emerald has been a fascination for both men and women for over six thousand years, and it remains one of the rarest and most valuable gemstones due to the many legends and prominent figures associated with it.

The Egyptian Pharaoh, Cleopatra, was known for her affinity for emeralds – she wore them not only as a symbol of power and wealth, the intense green brilliance was also the colour for rebirth and prosperity. It was amusingly coincidental that one of the most well-known and devoted patrons of emeralds in modern days, Elizabeth Taylor, was gifted an extravagant suite of Bulgari emerald jewels from her then husband, Richard Burton, while she was filming ‘Cleopatra’ with him in Italy, playing the great beauty herself. The sacred stone is seen as an emblem of eternal love in Greek mythology, and green is worn to honour the goddess of love, Aphrodite, more and more people have chosen this stone for their wedding rings in the recent years as a testimony to their undying love.

Emerald is a gemstone most tolerated for their natural inclusions that are sometimes arranged so gracefully that they complement its beauty. Yet, the most covetable Colombian treasures are those that are born with a high clarity and bluish-green body colour, which is highly uncommon. This emerald from the famed Muzo mine to be offered is endowed with this exact combination, not to mention that it weighs an astonishing 35.72 carats and is completely spared from clarity treatment. The existence of such a rare treasure is in effect unimaginable, making it a true connoisseurs gem.

Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite

Hong Kong