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A Fragmentary Egyptian Limestone Round-topped Stela, late 13th/16th Dynasty, circa 1670-1570 B.C.

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  • A Fragmentary Egyptian Limestone Round-topped Stela
  • stone
  • 10 5/8 by 13 by 1 3/8 in. 27 by 33 by 3.5 cm.
incised with a family in procession to right, two incised Eyes of Horus flanking a shen-sign in the lunette, the inscription beginning “A boon which the king gives…”, followed by a standard offering formula calling on a number of gods including Anubis, Osiris Lord of Abydos, Ptah-Soker… “for the ka of the Sab-r-Nekhen (a title borne by men who served on commissions for the king), Nefer-hotep, repeating life, and his wife, the royal acquaintance, Nebw-i-ti (the gold one has arrived), true of voice”, the owner Nefer-hotep at left with his wife, proceeded by his father Neb-ankh and two other members of the family; remains of red, blue, and black pigment.


private collection, acquired on the art market circa 1979
Galerie Dr. Dolezal, Zurich, November 27th, 1999, cat, no. 382
acquired by the present owner at the above sale

Catalogue Note

There are remains of an old label on the top front of the stela, and another on one side printed “482”.

For two stelas related in style cf. S. Bosticco, La Stele Egiziane, part I, Rome, 1959, nos. 55-61; also compare W.C. Hayes, The Scepter of Egypt, part I, New York, 1953, p.346, fig. 227.