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Adrien Manglard

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  • Adrien Manglard
  • Southern mediterranean seascape with boats and figures at sunset
  • oil on canvas
  • 26 1/2 x 52 inches

Catalogue Note

Adrien Manglard received his early training in Lyon under local artist, Frère Imbert.  At the age of twenty he moved to Rome where he worked in the studio of Bernardino Fergioni and quickly progressed in the city’s artistic circles.  Manglard’s marine paintings, combining the idealized, Calssical landscapes of Claude Lorraine with the acute realism of Northern models, achieved great acclaim and the patronage not only of the foremost families in Roman society such the Orsini, Chigi, Colonna, Rondanini, and Rospigliosi but also of esteemed figures of the nobility including Victor Amedeus II, Duke of Savoy and King of Piedmont and Filippo Bordone, Duke of Parma who commissioned some 140 paintings by the artist.