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An Exact Replica of Jimmy's Lambretta from the film "Quadrophenia"

30,000 - 50,000 USD
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  • An Exact Replica of Jimmy's Lambretta from the film "Quadrophenia"
  • Metal, rubber, leather, aluminium and mirror
Signed by Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey for the (RED) Auction 2013.

Catalogue Note

Re-sprayed in traditional Lambretta paint celly and additional paint as per the "Quadrophenia" film spec. The scooter comes fitted with rare original parts including: 1978 Southend Shield Badge, 1970's Lambretta Wassel Badge As Film Not A Repro, Original Font 1970's Plates (taken from the film original), Stadium Mirrors as per film, Original 1970s Pirelli Motor Scooter Tyre (not for road us), Michellin Acs 70s Tyre (not for road use), Rare Original Vigan Red Gem Fork Covers as per film, Original Spec Screen with all film stickers reproduced to the original spec including actor's protection strip on the top of the screen, Original Ken Cobbin Air Canister as per film, Horns and Nos Seat (Gaman) as per film, Outrigger Exhaust as per film. Jimmy's iconic Lambretta in "Quadrophenia" was a rare late 1967 LI Model. The replica scooter in the auction is an F Reg 1967.

David John Wyburn, a builder from Southwest England, has been hailed for his remarkable scooter replicas, earning him the honorific "The Oracle of Quadrophenia." He considers this Lambretta among his best work, and Jony and Marc are plainly smitten with this creation, which is both a celebration of pop culture and a powerful reminder of "Quadrophenia," a film that played a formative role as they were growing up and experimenting with design. More than just a means of transportation, the scooter represents reaction and rebellion, fundamental motivations for design. Like the Harley Davidson "Captain America" chopper from "Easy Rider," this scooter is a model of customisation, an important form of popular design and one with tremendous resonance for Jony and Marc: both of them spent much of their childhood tinkering away in the garage.