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Mambila Suaga headdress, Nigeria or Cameroon

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  • wood


Private Collection, New York, acquired before 1971

Catalogue Note

In her discussion of a closely related Mambila suaga mask, of younger age, in the Musée Barbier-Mueller in Geneva, Hahner-Herzog (1997: pl. 60) notes: "[The Barbier-Mueller] suaga mask has zoomorphic features which are difficult to associate with any one specific animal.  While the gaping mouth lined with sharp teeth calls a dog to mind, the head displays two long, curving horns.  Viewed in profile, it shows a sweeping convex curve extending from the forehead to the tip of the snout.  A sparing application of white paint emphasizes the pointed ears with triangular ridges, the outer ring of the cylindrical eyes [and] the rows of teeth [...].  The holes on the sides of the headpiece were used to attach a voluminous woven costume that concealed the masker's body."