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Service for the Two First Nights of the Passover in Hebrew and English: According to the Custom of the German & Spanish Jews ... First American Edition, New York: S.H. Jackson, 5597 (1837)

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  • paper, ink
43 leaves (6 3/8 x 3 7/8 in.; 163 x 100 mm). Lightly browned; some foodstains as expected. Original raised floral print cloth boards; modern cloth clamshell.


Ya’ari 562; Yudlov 779; Yerushalmi 93; Goldman 125

Catalogue Note

the first haggadah printed in america

This haggadah, the first published in the United States, contains the traditional Hebrew text accompanied by an English translation by David Levi. Reflecting the demographic realities of early American Jewry, the publisher Solomon Henry Jackson included both Ashkenazic and Sephardic versions of the Grace After Meals. By the time Jackson’s son would publish a second edition in 1850, the mid-19th century wave of German (and German-Jewish) immigration had begun and only the Ashkenazic version of the Grace would appear. The haggadah is the most widely printed text in Jewish history, with over 6,000 printed editions since the first haggadah was printed in Spain in the late 15th century. Wherever Jews settled, wherever a press was established—indeed, wherever Jews called home, an edition of the haggadah quickly appeared. This first American haggadah marks an important milestone in the integration of Jews into the fabric of American society.

Ya’ari 562; Yudlov 779; Goldman 125; Yerushalmi 93