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Fleming, Ian

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  • Fleming, Ian
  • Diamonds are Forever
final typescript prepared by Fleming's secretary Ulrica Knowles, checked by the publisher's reader and by the author, with autograph revisions to almost every page, mostly in blue ballpoint but some in pencil, these mostly having the effect of tightening the text through deletions or changes to single words, with more extensive changes of one or more full sentences to at least eight pages (pp. 23, 79, 111, 119, 120, 194, 221, 263 verso), with the hoodlum 'Dolly' Kidd here called 'Boofy' Gore throughout (this name being changed following the objection of Fleming's former schoolfriend from whom the name was taken), notes on title page "to be returned to author for final revision" (crossed through), "?Libel" (crossed through), notes to the printer (crossed through), and a list of other books in series, 277 pages (265 numbered pages, 11 "a" numbers, and two preliminaries), 4to (254 x 204mm), 1955 or 1956, in an inscrew ringbinder in a collector's folding box, lacking the penultimate leaf (p.264), frayed at punch holes, last leaf frayed with loss


Bonham's, London, 10 November 2009, lot 42

Catalogue Note

A rare typescript that reveals the working practices of Ian Fleming as he honed the fourth Bond book into its final shape. This copy of the text was prepared by Knowles from Fleming's first typescript, typed by the author in Jamaica and then revised by hand (now at the Lilly Library). This typescript, once checked and revised by the author and the publisher, then formed the copytext for the first edition. A carbon copy of this typescript, with copious corrections by the copyeditor at Cape, has also been sold in these rooms (12 December 2002, lot 332). Among the changes made by Fleming to this text was his heightening of the drama of an auction of racing thoroughbreds (p.111):  

"...a pause, a bang of the hammer, a look of sincere reproach towards the ringside seats where the big money sat..."

For Ulrica Knowles' copy of the published book see next lot.