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Nine Egyptian Steatite Scarabs, 2nd Intermediate Period/19th Dynasty, 1640-1190 B.C., and later

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  • Nine Egyptian Steatite Scarabs
  • Steatite and gold
set in a 19th century gold necklace with fine filigree decoration and lotus flowers engraved on the clasp, most of the scarabs retaining  turquoise glaze, the bases carved in sunk relief with various motifs, one with the cartouche of Tuthmosis III above a Hathor-headed sistrum flanked by uraei, and another with a row of nefer signs and an ankh within a guilloche border.


Estate of Winifred Karpf, New York, acquired prior to 1980

Catalogue Note

Cf. F.S. Matouk, Corpus du scarabee egyptien, vol. II, Heliopolis, 1976, p. 332, no. 111, and W.M. Flinders-Petrie, Historical Scarabs , London, 1889, p. 21.

The necklace is in a leather case embossed with the jeweller's name and address: "Grant A. Peacock, One East 57th Street, New York, N.Y."