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Giuseppe Cesari, called Il Cavalier d'Arpino

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  • Giuseppe Cesari, called Il Cavalier d'Arpino
  • head of a young woman, looking to the left,  wearing a jewel with pearls on her forehead
  • Red and black and ochre chalk;
    bears pencil attribution on the backing paper: Arpino 

  • 215 by 141 mm

Catalogue Note

We are grateful to Professor Herwarth Röttgen who has confirmed the attribution to Cavalier d'Arpino from a photograph and provided the following information.1  The present handsome sheet is characteristic of Arpino's style of around 1600.  It is a great and new addition to the understanding of the artist's oeuvre and a revelation about his use of coloured chalks at such an early stage.  The variety of tonalities in the chalks creates a similar effect to pastel, a medium Arpino used in his later years and usually on large sheets of paper (see lot 50).  Röttgen notes close similarities with the head of Antiope in a painting of Jupiter and Antiope of 1594 (whereabouts unknown),2 although he prefers the closer connection to the head of Europa in the Rape of Europa of 1603/6 (Borghese Gallery, Rome), one of the artist's most successful compositions.3   It is certainly comparable to the beautifully shaped oval head of the youthful Europa, who wears a similar ornamental headpiece and jewel.


1. Letter dated 18 March 2011
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