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Lorenzo Bartolini

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  • Lorenzo Bartolini
  • la fiducia in dio (faith in God)
  • signed: BARTOLINI
  • white marble

Catalogue Note

Lorenzo Bartolini's Fiducia in Dio is the artist's best-known work and, more generally, is emblematic of Italian sculpture in the generation after Canova. The model recalls Canova's Mary Magdalen, but the nude is more indebted to the observation of nature than the influence of the antique. It typifies the move towards a softer neo-classicism which made way for Romanticism in Italian sculpture.

The piece was commissioned by the Marchesa Rosa Poldi Trivulzio as a domestic memorial to her late husband. It was first exhibited in the artist's studio in Florence, before being shown at the annual exhibition held at the Accademia di Brera in 1837, to great acclaim. Essays and odes were written in praise of the piece and the model became a commercial as well as an academic success. A number of copies and reductions were produced after the original. The present model is a very fine copy in slightly reduced dimensions, which was produced in the artist's workshop, most probably in the 1840s.  

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