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An Egyptian Polychrome Limestone Funerary Stele, Oxyrhynchus, circa 4th/5th Century A.D.

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  • An Egyptian Polychrome Limestone Funerary Stele, Oxyrhynchus
  • sandstone
carved in high relief with the figure of a boy seated on a cushion within a niche and holding a bunch of grapes in his left hand and a dove in his right hand, remains of red and green pigment.


said to have been found at Shich Tbada
Los Angeles art market, California, 1965
American private collection
Harmer Rooke Galleries, New York, May 4th, 1995, no. 275., illus.

Catalogue Note

For a related example in the Brooklyn Museum, inv. no. 71.39.2 see Klaus Parlasca, "Grabreliefs Oxyrhynchos," Enchoria, vol. 8, 1978, p. 117, pl. 36 (E.R. Russmann, Unearthing the Truth: Egypt's Pagan and Coptic Sculpture, Brooklyn, New York, 2009, no. 20, pp. 58-59). Also see H.W. Müller, Staatliche sammlung ägyptischer Kunst, 2nd ed., Munich, 1976, p. 252. Russmann (op. cit., p. 58) mentions that the bunch of grapes and dove "may be linked to the deities Dionysus and Aphrodite-Isis respectively. Some historians think that all the figures holding them were priests of Isis. Others have suggested that those represented sitting (...) were identifying themselves, through their pose, with the child god Harpocrates."